Who We Are

SiK eSports is a competitive and casual gaming organization founded in early February 2020. We are a collective of individuals who have a passion for gaming and technology. While SiK is centred around Rocket League but we are intrigued and play a vast array of different games ranging from every genre. This web of knowledge and enthusiasm allows each of our integral staff members and supporters alike to enjoy and create lasting connections with one another through gaming.

What We Do

Here at SiK eSports, we cater to offer each type of player their own ideal experience. We have a large discord hub of people ranging mainly from North America and Europe for all casual gamers and creators out there. We love to pop in and out of chats to get the opportunity to hang out with all of the members who make our organization possible. This collection of people also give them the ability to connect with one another too! There are countless people you can meet and develop incredible relations with while gaming. In contrast, we do have a large pool of resources set on competitive gaming and eSports. Based in Rocket League, we have nearly 20 different full rosters of players who strive to achieve their best selves and conquer their competition along the way. That being said, we understand that no team is alike; there are more casual and more competitive teams in which we give equal opportunity. For the more casual players who want to settle down and grind with an incredible group of people, we provide a manager and lower quotas and allow them to play on a less serious basis. On the other side, we have a number of teams and players who strive to push their limits and attain the professional levels of gameplay. To this, we say, go on! At SiK eSports, we do our absolute best to give each team whatever they may need. All of our teams have established managers or captains. They may gain access to and/or request coaching at any point in time. All of our team staff are held to impeccable standards and dedicate tons of their time to help these players and teams achieve their ultimate goals. To date, we have forged not only a plethora of great teams and seen them develop as a whole and as individuals but also been fortunate to create unbelievable connections with players and other groups. We have had some players move on to college scholarships and even conquer the top 50 players globally!

Our Beliefs

Our mission statement and beliefs create the foundation of our organization. All of our staff and teams hold these shared values at all times. As stated above, we strive to offer all gamers equal opportunity and give them the best experience possible! Our core values within the organization relate majorly to professionalism, respect, integrity, accountability, and passion. These allow us to create and maintain positive connections as well as ensure the well-being of all members. Here at Speed is Key, we strive to create a safe, fun, and encouraging environment for all people no matter your interests, alongside offering perks that apply to people with competitive and casual approaches.